C.H.O.W. is an initiative by the Rotary Club Downtown Boca Raton. Our program is designed to help bridge the hunger gap so many in our community experience from Friday afternoon until Monday morning. Through our efforts, we feed families over the weekend.

How can I donate?

Donating is easy and one of the best ways you can help! Just $375 covers our entire program for a week, feeding 50 families! You can donate online by clicking here!

How can I volunteer?

We’re always looking for volunteers! We meet in Boca on Friday mornings to assemble the meals and get them packaged for delivery. Please contact us for volunteer opportunities by emailing us at: chow@rotarydowntownbocaraton.org

What is the money used for?

Our program is specifically designed to be as fiscally efficient as possible. We are very proud that every dollar collected goes towards the purchase of food for the program. We have no overhead because of generously donated space and our entirely volunteer workforce! Please consider a donation today!