Packaging up the food & supplies for the kids to take home is a rewarding experience! Sign up today!

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One of the easiest ways to contribute is to donate! You can sponsor a family or donate any amount. Funds will be used to purchase more family meals! Donate today!

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What We Do

We deliver meals 52 weeks a year, with 100% of every dollar going directly to food, with no overhead due to our Volunteer Workforce!

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What is C.H.O.W.?

C.H.O.W. is an initiative of the Rotary Club Downtown Boca Raton that was started by members Tabitha Stambaugh and Alan Kaye.

Families that are struggling often rely on their children being fed at school. But what happens when they go home to bare cupboards?

C.H.O.W. is uniquely positioned to help send these children home with enough food to feed their families over the weekend. Our volunteers acquire and package the food each week, making it easy and discrete for the children to provide for their families! But we need your help! Please consider sponsoring a family for as little as $7.50 per week. Every single dollar goes directly to food, and we have absolutely no overhead thanks to our entirely volunteer workforce!

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We need your help & support to grow this program to be able to include so many who are still left out! By donating, we can feed more children and families. By volunteering, you can help us feed the hungry in our community! Please contact us today to learn more!